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Has everything been going sideways despite your best efforts?
What is
Astrocartography - it is a mix of astrology and geography. Astrocartography (or locational astrology) was based by Jim Lewis in 1970. Astrocartography shows how the planets in a person's natal chart affect different locations worldwide. Astrocartography reveals your ideal places to live.
Astrocartography readings reveal how specific locations worldwide can affect your energy and well-being.
All this information is contained in your date of birth and place of birth. Can you imagine?
With astrocartography, you can unlock the secrets of where to move to live your best life. Say goodbye to guesswork and hello to a personalized roadmap.

Astrocartography readings – the revolutionary tool that reveals how specific locations can transform your energy and well-being.

Perhaps you are looking for a place, city, or country where it will be easier for you to earn money.
Perhaps you want to find a place where you can finally feel at home.
Imagine having the power to uncover the cities that align perfectly with you!

This is what astrocartography readings do!

Here is how Planetary lines are affecting us:

astrocartography reading
Sun Line: On the line of the Sun, you can become yourself and express yourself fully. Sun is closely associated with self-realization, recognition, and success.
Here you put your interests, aspirations, and desires first. You are the center of your life.
The line of the Sun is very favorable professionally. Talented and hardworking people reach great heights if their residence is on this line.
It may also be helpful to stay on the line of the Sun precisely while searching for one's path and destiny.
This is a good place for self-actualized. You will shine here.
In astrocartography reading, we consider your city of residence, your desired city to move to (if you have one), as well as your work or interests and find the most suitable cities for your profession or interests.

We accept payment in any currency

Astrocartography readings can also make uniquely thoughtful gift ideas! Whether for birthdays, anniversaries, or as a special surprise gift, this is a present that will truly keep on giving!
Each astrocartography reading is done manually by an astrologer.
We highly recommend "Astrocartography readings + Your Ideal Profession"

This will give a complex answer to all questions.

You will receive answers to the questions: what professions are ideal for you and in which cities and countries to live for maximum realization of yourself and your financial potential. With a discount of $30.

You will also find out which cities to avoid.

Also, in astrocartography reading, we analyze your profession and find places that are suitable specifically for your profession.

Example of Astrocartography Readings

After ordering Astrocartography Readings you get 18 pages of your personal Astrocartography Readings in PDF
astrocartography reading
how to read your astrocartography
how to read astrocartography
how to read astrocartography
how to read astrocartography
how to read astrocartography
how to read astrocartography
how to read astrocartography
how to read astrocartography map
how to read astrocartography
how to read astrocartography

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An astrocartography reading also includes an analysis of the city you currently live in and an analysis of the city you are considering moving to (if you are thinking about moving now).

Also, the astrocartographic readings include a list of cities on each line.
how to read astrocartography

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Example of Your ideal profession based on your date of birth
how to read astrocartography
how to read astrocartography
how to read astrocartography

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Examples from the lives of celebrities

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Robin Williams

July 21, 1951, 1:34 PM

Chicago (IL) (United States)

Robin Williams lived and worked in Paradise Cay, California, which is located on his Jupiter line.
On the line of Jupiter, a person expects success, prosperity, financial well-being, as well as celebrity. As we can see, Robin intuitively chose a place of residence that ultimately helped him with success and prosperity.

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Elon Musk

June 28, 1971, 7:30 AM

Pretoria (South Africa)

Tesla, Inc. was founded in San Carlos, California.
And guess what? San Carlos is located on the Jupiter line of Elon Musk. Jupiter line= money line.
CEO Elon Musk moved Tesla's corporate headquarters from California to Austin, Texas officially in December 2021.
And guess what? Austin is located on the Venus line, which is also the money line. Venus is also about joy, entertainment, and satisfaction.

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Bill Gates

October 28, 1955, 10:00 PM

Seattle (WA) (United States)

The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation has its headquarters in Seattle, Washington, which is located between the Mercury and Uranus lines of Bill Gates. Mercury is communications, and Uranus is moving forward; you couldn’t imagine a better way for the fund.

As we see, location determines everything!
Example of astrocartography in life: Alexandra contacted us in April, at that time she lived in Iceland and was depressed, she didn’t like the country, didn’t like the climate, didn’t like people and work, besides, her relationship with her husband deteriorated, and they divorced.
In complete confusion, Alexandra turned to us.
During astrocartography readings, we saw that in Iceland she lives on the Neptune line + Node line. Such a line categorically did not suit Alexandra.
We have astrocartography reading found suitable and unsuitable cities for her and made recommendations. We provided her with a list of suitable cities.

And guess what? At the end of July, she moved to Kolding, Denmark. This is one of the cities that is perfect for her.
All cities suitable for it are indicated in the PDF document.
She bought a one-way ticket and moved alone.
She is finally happy.

Happy End ☀️

Life Doesn’t Always
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We Do!
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    Every chart we prepare is as unique as the individual it represents. Your journey is personal to us. Each astrocartography reading is individually tailored to your date of birth, place and time of birth.
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    Our team has many years of experience. We have some of the best astrologers around, each with a lot of knowledge to share in your readings.
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  • Emma, Portland
    Wow, I can't even express how much this Astrocartography chart has turned things around for me. It's like getting a personalized map to all the places where I can really make things happen – from career success to finding love. Seriously, this is a game-changer and Best Astrocartography Chart!
  • Alexandra, Iceland
    I have always known that my place is in Denmark. And now I found out that there I have a line of Venus and Mercury. This means that I can meet my love there and at the same time earn money.
  • Olivia, Austin
    I'm seriously blown away by what I learned from this service. Their Astrocartography readings gave me the scoop on places where I can truly find my purpose. It's wild how knowing the best spots for my growth and happiness has reshaped my journey. Major kudos for helping me find my way!
  • Chloe, Key West
    Seriously, this service is a golden ticket. I just want to say you thank you. Now I am sure in my choice. Thank you again! I agree that it is the Best Astrocartography reading!
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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Understanding Astrocartography Lines

Astrocartography lines show where planets were when you were born. Each line is for a different planet and affects you in its own way. If you're near a line, that planet's energy is stronger on you.

How to Read an Astrocartography Map?

To read an astrocartography map you need special software that will plot the planetary lines at the moment of your birth. You can also order an astrocartography reading from us. We have special astrology software.

How do you read lines in astrocartography?

When you read lines in astrocartography, you find the lines that show where the planets are on the map. Then you understand what they mean for different parts of your life.

How do you read astrocartography maps?

To understand astrocartography maps, look for the lines that match up with different planets. Then, see how they line up with different places on Earth.

How to read astrocartography and astrocartography chart?

When we read astrocartography and astrocartography charts, we figure out where the lines from the planets are. Then you see where they cross over certain places, which shows how they affect different parts of life.

How to read astrocartography lines?

To understand astrocartography lines, just look for lines for each planet. Then you see how they affect different places, helping you decide where to live or go.

Interpreting the Astrocartography Chart

Understanding an astrocartography chart is interesting but needs a lot of astrology know-how. The chart has lines for each planet, showing where they were when you were born.

The Influence of Planets on Your Astrocartography Map

Every planet affects your astro map differently, showing what you might feel in different places. Astrocartography readings help you discover what energies you might find around the world.

The Power of Location. Relocating Based on Astrocartography

Where you live, work, or go can really change your life. Astrocartography reading shows how different places affect your path, job, and feelings. Ever thought moving might make things better? Astrocartography could help you find out. It shows where you might find luck, a better job, or happy relationships, helping you decide where to move.

Applying Astrocartography Reading to Your Career

Astrocartography reading helps you understand your career better. It looks at planet lines related to work and success, showing you where you might find good job chances.

Personal Energies and Astrocartography Reading

We all have our own energies, but how can we use them best? Astrocartography reading looks at your astro map to find energies that are just right for you. It helps you find places that boost those energies.

How to read your Astrocartography chart?

Just order a reading on our site to learn about your life, career, relationships, and more. Our astrologers will look at your chart and send you the answers.

Discover your personal energies. Tap into the power of location. Kickstart your astro-cartographic journey today. Get your Astrocartography reading now!

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